Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Weekend

It snowed and snowed this weekend!  I love our little town full of big hills on snow days.  We literally can ski and snowboard down the hills. There's a couple parents that stand at the bottom of the hill if a car comes by and they warn everyone.  How amazing! Here's a peek at what we did:

Aaron sledding down the neighbors stairs:
Or using flicker in the snow

And he and I snowboarding down the hill.
Will add this video-it's great.

Images of Snow Weekend:

Dinner at Trees down the street on Tracie's 40th birthday (we had to cancel our trip for her party to Eugene but rescheduled for a less snowy time:

We got Aaron drawing supplies for his new art class and practiced some drawing.

Avery buried Aaron in the snow:

Birthday celebration continues another night at Twig! Thank goodness for our chains and 4 wheel drive so we could get around a bit.

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