Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Vacations

Our family is pretty routine when it comes to vacation.  Most summers we take a trip to Seattle and one to the beach. We're going to Gleneden beach this year in June with my stepkids and I'm excited to see the ocean. It's been a while!

We do Seattle in August so we have the best chances of getting a warm day. We enjoy the waterslides in Seattle one day  (here) and another day we enjoy Pike Place Market ( here) where we buy flowers, berries and just enjoy the great views.  We usually make it to this great park (here) as well.  It has a 3 mile paved running/biking trail so we used to rollerblade to our hearts content.  This time I'll run while Dave and Aaron bike.

Our bigger vacations to warmer places we typically take in the winter when it's wet and grey here in Oregon. The summer is so great here-not to hot, not to cold. So, we like to stick around home.     

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