Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Fun

We had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Saturday our dear friends and their kids got to come have dinner and play in the park. All the water features in our parks turn on over the weekend so we all got wet.

Enjoying Wine with Marcella!

Lauren always loves to dress up.

Water fun in the fountain!

It's been a tradition over the weekend for Aaron and I to run the Rum Run in Tualatin (here). I didn't run this year but Aaron did great. He's ready for a 5k as the kids 1k is just too easy now. We had a relaxing Sunday, complete with a massage for me and some downtime playing games for Aaron.

Monday I got to go up to Battleground to visit the family and play with the cousins. Mom and Dad cooked a feast for lunch!

My Sweet Mama

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