Monday, June 30, 2014

June Finds

Found a couple great deals on shorts and skirts this week. Plus this 

With target lace tank:

Plus a flowy item to go on top:
I loved it in cream and purple:

New Phone case since mine cracked:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Highlights

Aaron finished second grade and now I have a big third grader. He's excited for summer!  He gets to go to soccer, football,  basketball, tennis, drama and art camps!

I have several 1/2's this month-
For the love of schools 1/2-here
Vancouver 1/2-here
My Mom and Dad celebrate 39 years married. Next year is the big one.
Our dear friend Kelley had a birthday

The big kids came for a visit and we went on a beach trip.  We stayed here and had such a great time. We stayed at our timeshare-Wyndham at Gleneden Oregon. They had a great game room, tennis court and great views.

Aaron got to go to skateboard camp

He got to go to this great basketball camp:

He finished his very last week of flag football. Now we move on-tackle here we come.

Aaron's still enjoying skate lessons on Saturdays and basketball skills class Sunday-here. I love how much he learns at these clinics for both skateboarding and basketball.

Barbecue and mojitos and fun with friends.

We got a great pictures of us sisters in this dress

Dave and I had a ball wake boarding!  Aaron's skateboarding coach took us out on his boat and we had a ball!

We celebrated our friend Kelley's Birthday and one of our favorite spots in town with a wonderful patio.

I had my first interview in 14 years for a job in social work. Plus I applied for Grad school-more on this later:) It was an exciting month.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What I Want Wednesday

This Blogger I love does this great series-What I Want Wednesday. I've decided to join along.  Her series: here

All Items Nordstroms this week
Sandals in white. I love my tan ones.




Sunday, June 22, 2014

For The Dad's

Portland's only floating restaurant was the perfect spot for Father's Day Dinner.  Here's the spot:

My parents, Dave's Dad and girlfriend plus my sister and cousin and the kids made for a great group.

Beach Weekend

Ashley and Austin came for a summer visit so we took the family  to Gleneden beach for a vacation. We got to stay at the Worldmark down there which was so nice with big bedrooms and a full kitchen for cooking.  Here's a picture of the beach I took on my run.

Aaron and his brother playing on the beach. Our first day was sunny and perfect.

Beach walk

Aaron and I found cool places to climb.

Checking out the amazing skate park in Lincoln city. It was to wet to skate but next time for sure.

We got some great red snapper and clams at this fish stand. Dave and Ashley cooked us a feast! What a great couple of days we had reconnecting with my step-kids, enjoying pool time and seafood.

What I brought:
Stripped dress, white tennies, jean coat and purse:

Green army coat, skinny jeans, black converse, black tee:
Overalls, a white v neck, grey converse: 

Swimsuits and shorts!