Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Highlights

Aaron finished second grade and now I have a big third grader. He's excited for summer!  He gets to go to soccer, football,  basketball, tennis, drama and art camps!

I have several 1/2's this month-
For the love of schools 1/2-here
Vancouver 1/2-here
My Mom and Dad celebrate 39 years married. Next year is the big one.
Our dear friend Kelley had a birthday

The big kids came for a visit and we went on a beach trip.  We stayed here and had such a great time. We stayed at our timeshare-Wyndham at Gleneden Oregon. They had a great game room, tennis court and great views.

Aaron got to go to skateboard camp

He got to go to this great basketball camp:

He finished his very last week of flag football. Now we move on-tackle here we come.

Aaron's still enjoying skate lessons on Saturdays and basketball skills class Sunday-here. I love how much he learns at these clinics for both skateboarding and basketball.

Barbecue and mojitos and fun with friends.

We got a great pictures of us sisters in this dress

Dave and I had a ball wake boarding!  Aaron's skateboarding coach took us out on his boat and we had a ball!

We celebrated our friend Kelley's Birthday and one of our favorite spots in town with a wonderful patio.

I had my first interview in 14 years for a job in social work. Plus I applied for Grad school-more on this later:) It was an exciting month.

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