Monday, July 14, 2014

Ta Da-A happy picture of two of my favorite people

Sister's Summer Basket

Each season I love to put together a little gift package for my sweet sisters. For summer I made a little summer basket filled with these items.

White Dress

My favorite summer bra for the sisters:



This is the great summer basket I found at New Seasons:

Basement Redo

It's always fun to do some updates around the house. We're working out a lot more at home so we added a weight rack and some padding for the floor for our p90 workouts and yoga.

We got this great new weight rack:

We have debated over getting rid of the bed but it's so nice for movie watching.

A view of a back room in our basement.  We have our wine/crafts/Dave's workbench and this punching bag back there:

Pinball and darts

Antiques on the walls

Dave's collection of steins

Bar area

Armoire turned into a liquor cabinet: