Friday, December 24, 2010

A letter to my boy-Age 5

My Dear Aaron,

Today you turn 5. This is the year you learned to ride a big bike-not just a two wheeler-which you learned the summer you were still 3- and I was so proud- but a really big two wheeler bike. You are so fast on it too.

This is the year you learned dance and with ballet came more discipline, grace, flexibility and balance. You had your first recital and did such a beautiful job. You also learned such a good front flip on the trampoline,  got really good and quick at the monkey bars and because more brave in all your activities. Your swimming improved and we spent summer weekends at the mountain or beach playing in the pools. You jumped off your first diving board and can swim underwater so well now. You learned your address by heart, how to dial grandma's phone number, how to be a good cousin to baby Calvin and this Aaron will also be your last five months of preschool. You'll be off to kindergarten in the fall. My baby is gone. You hung onto those bottles even after you were 4 but finally you have given them up. You fought off pink eye. You discovered some fun movies-your favorites being Goonies, Avatar, Nightmare Before Christmas, Annie, ET and How to Train Your Dragon,-oh and Newsies. You sing Les Miserables at the top of your lungs with me in the car. You love gardening and this summer we planted some strawberries and a neat little tomato plant. You love watering your plants and clipping flowers for the house from our lilacs or tulips-or whatever flower you can find. You got a really fun scooter and have gotten so fast on it. You are learning to roller-skate as well. You went to your first light house, aquarium, and tried skiing. This year was also the first week you've been without mom and dad as we went to Maui and you did great. You also tried golf this year.

This is the year you decided you could walk across the street to your friend Avery's house all by yourself and ask if she wanted to play. Now the two of you go back and forth in between each other's houses.

You learned how to work the TV and DVD like a pro-although I would rather you didn't. You know your letters so well and how to spell small words. You have been going to Taekwondo and got to break boards and got your yellow belt this year. I especially loved how you learned to pray a real prayer-not just your memorized one but one where you thought of people you love in your life and prayed for them. One prayer looked like this: Dear Lord, please help Dad's back and help Grandpa's leg and thank you for dinner. Nicely done Aaron.  You went down the alpine slides and operated your own little go cart. You can run a half mile without stopping and look so determined while doing it. You went to your first Broadway play and sat perfectly through the entire show of Lion King and loved it.

I love you being 5!

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