Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aaron's 5th Birthday-A Balloon Party!

We took some pictures of Aaron with his blue balloon and used one of pictures to put on the cake.

Brother Austin helped create this great balloon arch with this kit.  Our new helium tank I got on Craigslist was a great help too.

Ashley and I ready for the munchkins

We had this great dart board where you got to throw your darts at the balloons and a chocolate kiss would come out.  Here Rebecca and Owen are taking their turns with darts.

The kids played some musical chairs to the song of 99 Red Balloons
And we had this movie on the TV.

Aaron got this little air hockey table -here- for his birthday so the kids had fun playing this in between the darts and musical chairs and pinball machine.

Shelly made the delicious chocolate cake and the kids had cupcakes, fruit, nuts and juice.

The balloon artist we hired was amazing and even made hats for the adults. The kids all got to take home their balloons and each got quite a few creations. 

Aaron and Kamden

Cousin Thaison

Owen and Aaron


Austin got a guitar.

Grandma liked the hats

Aaron loved having brother and sister around for his birthday this year.

After the party-sleepy, grumpy Aaron.  He had 16 friends- Logan, Max, Christian, Owen and Charlie-Mari's kids, Rebecca and Woodrow-Jerri's kids, Mateu and his sister-Sara's kids, Miela, Olivia, Samiya, Thaison, Lukas, Kamden, and Issabella.

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