Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Highlights

New shoes: here

I'm ready for fall and a break from the heat where I can put these running shoes to use on the trails instead of the treadmill. I've been hibernating as of late to escape this warm summer.

This movie

And I finally saw these:

Aaron and I started this series.  I sure loved the original Boxcar Children when I was his age.

We got to go wakeboard again and Aaron even tried it.

Grandma came for a visit.

My nephew turned 5!

My boy started tackle football-Number 43-Go Aaron!

Aaron had a ball at drama and art camp.

I spent a lot of time with this book in preparation for my September test.  I can't wait to hear in October if I get into grad school at George Fox.

I turned 37!

I got a pretty pedicure with one of my new favorite colors-ladylike

I got to go the the tour of Street of Dreams with my girlfriend. We love oohing and ahhing over the extravagant homes. 

A trip to Seattle for Aaron's first theme park experience, complete with water rides:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Classic Movies with Aaron

Here's some previous movies he'd seen -some are classics I love and some are newer:

The Princess Bride
A Christmas Story
Back to the Future
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potters
The Karate Kid series
Fantastic Mr Fox
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rocky Movies
Spiderman movies
Toy Story
Pirates of the Caribbean
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Mary Poppins
Finding Nemo
Sound of Music
Lion King
Wizard of OZ
How to Train Your Dragon
Star Wars
Pee Wees Big Adventure
Willy Wonka
The Navigator
Home Alone

Here's some we watched throughout the summer and fall

Edward Scissorhands
March of the Penguins
Encino Man
Roger Rabbit
Swiss Family Robinson
Escape to Witch Mountain
Batteries Not Included
Black Beauty
The Parent Trap
Freaky Friday
The Incredible Journey
Short Circuit
The Indian in the Cupboard
Jurrasic Park
Cool Runnings

What movies do you and your children enjoy?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Another Year

Every year around my birthday I like to make a list of goals for the following year.  I also take a look at the past year and take note of the highlights and goals accomplished. So, here goes:

Last year my main goal was to get a new job.  I took my time about it but finally resigned from my job of 14 years and started my new job in July, just one month shy of my birthday.  I love working in the field that I studied for years ago.  

I also had a goal last year to apply for grad school for my masters in clinical counseling and by September 2nd I will have everything the program requires in.  I take my entrance exam test on the 2nd.  

I got to play a lot this past year.  We had a great Halloween Party and New Years Eve party at the mountain. I got to travel to Colorado for a cousin's wedding and some family time this past summer.  I also learned a new sport-wakeboarding.  I put in lots of miles with my sweet running group and enjoyed a ton of half marathon races.  

This next year I'm looking forward to hopefully getting into grad school and starting the program.  I hope to learn and grow in my new job as well.  I look forward to watching my 8 year old play football, basketball and run track as well as grow as third grader in his academic pursuits.    37 is going to be a great year!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy 37th to Me

We have a family tradition of picking a mini figure every year to represent us. This year I picked Wyldestyle here:

The perfect jeans here

New trail running shoes here

A badly needed watch here

A fun vest-here

A couple goodies from Urban Outfitters

This great top-I love the back

And this one

My sister got me this great running bra that I just love.

We made a pan of rice crispy treats which are my favorite for my birthday.

My girlfriend Marcella and I always go to the Street of Dreams to see the incredible homes right around my birthday-here.  Marcella got me a lovely necklace and earrings.  She knows just what jewelry I might like.  We even got to meet some old trailblazers at the Street of Dreams.

The best gift ever was that my mom took Aaron to the beach over Labor Day weekend so I had three uninterrupted study days before my big test. Thanks Mom and Dad:

Finally we got all the friends together for an evening to celebrate those that had summer or fall birthdays:

Monday, August 4, 2014

July Highlights

These great finds:
Ella Moss Dress here

Which I got to wear to my cousin's wedding in Colorado:

I got to spend some time at Grandma's house while in Colorado and loved sitting on the swing Grandpa built for me years ago:

Dad snapped this picture of me when we all went up in the mountains to gather flowers to use for the wedding.

I got to participate in the Cherry Days race in Paonia, Colorado on my visit.  I haven't run a 5k in a very long time and doing it at this elevation was tricky but it was a great challenge.

Summer date nights

More wake boarding and this time Aaron and his buddy had a great time on the inner tube:

A beach trip complete with a trip to the house they filmed the movie Goonies at! We left Aaron's bag with all his clothes in it at home but we made due.

We had a great time in Astoria. We biked, played on the beach and even found two full sand dollars  made s'mores, and went fishing.  I had just had foot surgery so I couldn't move around a ton but beating the heat wave in Portland and getting to the coast was wonderful!


Aaron got to ride in the parade with his fellow football players during the Robin Hood Festival we have in Sherwood every year. 

Dinners and fun with friends

Aaron and his buddy choosing fireworks:

More festival fun:

Aaron at his first weigh in for tackle football. He was excited to hit 70 lbs.

Football camp

Aaron really enjoyed soccer and tennis camp this month too.

These movies:

Budapest Hotel which really was the only movie I liked this month.

And huge news-I got a new job and got my application in for grad school! I'm so excited to be in the mental health field again.  The residential home I work at has such great staff and clients.