Monday, August 4, 2014

July Highlights

These great finds:
Ella Moss Dress here

Which I got to wear to my cousin's wedding in Colorado:

I got to spend some time at Grandma's house while in Colorado and loved sitting on the swing Grandpa built for me years ago:

Dad snapped this picture of me when we all went up in the mountains to gather flowers to use for the wedding.

I got to participate in the Cherry Days race in Paonia, Colorado on my visit.  I haven't run a 5k in a very long time and doing it at this elevation was tricky but it was a great challenge.

Summer date nights

More wake boarding and this time Aaron and his buddy had a great time on the inner tube:

A beach trip complete with a trip to the house they filmed the movie Goonies at! We left Aaron's bag with all his clothes in it at home but we made due.

We had a great time in Astoria. We biked, played on the beach and even found two full sand dollars  made s'mores, and went fishing.  I had just had foot surgery so I couldn't move around a ton but beating the heat wave in Portland and getting to the coast was wonderful!


Aaron got to ride in the parade with his fellow football players during the Robin Hood Festival we have in Sherwood every year. 

Dinners and fun with friends

Aaron and his buddy choosing fireworks:

More festival fun:

Aaron at his first weigh in for tackle football. He was excited to hit 70 lbs.

Football camp

Aaron really enjoyed soccer and tennis camp this month too.

These movies:

Budapest Hotel which really was the only movie I liked this month.

And huge news-I got a new job and got my application in for grad school! I'm so excited to be in the mental health field again.  The residential home I work at has such great staff and clients. 

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