Monday, October 31, 2011

A Fun 15 year plan

Adventures 2011-2026

Feb 2011-Italy and France-belated 10th anniversary for Dave and I -Aaron's 5
December of 2012-Mexico with with the family for Christmas and New Year back home with the big kids/Aaron's turns 6 and is in kindergarten/Arizona trip to see Austin graduate from high school
2013-Aaron's 7-Take Aaron to Maui for spring break
2014-Ashley graduates from college-Disneyland trip down to see her graduate and road trip-Aaron's 8.  Other road trip stops will be Wildlife Safari, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Lego land and Sea world. Two weeks on the road as a family!
2015-Aaron's 9-Italy trip
2016-Austin graduates-Aaron 4th grade-Aaron's 10
2017-I turn 40!-3:50-go to Boston-Aaron in 5th grade and will enjoy some of the East Coast sights
2018-Aaron's 12
2019-Aaron's 13-celebrate with Australia as a family
2020-20th anniversary with hubby and 20 years of service at providence.
2021-Aaron starts high school
2022-Aaron's sophomore year
2023-Aaron's junior year
2024-Aaron graduates-I'll be 47!!! ahhh

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