Friday, October 24, 2014

A year in minifigures

I believe I mentioned that for birthdays and special events we're getting Lego minifigures as part of the recipients gift. Here's some great ones we've done this year:

For our friend Kelley's 40th Birthday-since he's a big Oregon Ducks football fan:

Shelly's Birthday-the painter

Ashley's birthday-since she loves scuba diving: 

Aaron's birthday-Our boy gets his brown belt next month!

Dave's birthday

My birthday

For friend Joe's birthday-big soccer player:

For Marcella's birthday since her and I love to box

For Cousin Melissa:

For Dad-the Computer programer
For Mom-Cowgirl

For Nephew Wesley

For Nephew Calvin

Sister Lauralea

Stepson Austin

And for holidays:

St Paddy's Day:

Cinco de Mayo



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