Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy 37th to Me

We have a family tradition of picking a mini figure every year to represent us. This year I picked Wyldestyle here:

The perfect jeans here

New trail running shoes here

A badly needed watch here

A fun vest-here

A couple goodies from Urban Outfitters

This great top-I love the back

And this one

My sister got me this great running bra that I just love.

We made a pan of rice crispy treats which are my favorite for my birthday.

My girlfriend Marcella and I always go to the Street of Dreams to see the incredible homes right around my birthday-here.  Marcella got me a lovely necklace and earrings.  She knows just what jewelry I might like.  We even got to meet some old trailblazers at the Street of Dreams.

The best gift ever was that my mom took Aaron to the beach over Labor Day weekend so I had three uninterrupted study days before my big test. Thanks Mom and Dad:

Finally we got all the friends together for an evening to celebrate those that had summer or fall birthdays:

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