Friday, October 24, 2014

October Highlights

Happy Birthday to sister Lauralea.  We had a great feast at Mom's to celebrate and Lauralea and I got to shop and find her some great clothes.

Auntie Lauralea made it to Aaron's game this month.

Aaron had a great month of football games and learned so much.  We finished the month with a huge football party.  
Aaron and his buddy Quinton.

Aaron and his friend Andrew went to a football movie:

Andrew and Aaron having fun catapulting the water balloons over into the neighbors yard. October was still warm.

The boys didn't mind when the neighbor cheerleaders came to play too.

Each week we took about 8 boys on an outing after the football team.  Eventually we got almost the entire team over to connect outside of football. Here's our trip to Skyhigh to jump:

Go Aaron

Go Dave

I couldn't quite dunk it.  

The boys loved the dodge ball!

Home for more trampoline play-complete with boxing gloves.


Video games

Playing with cars. The track lights up!

Week 2-Silly string in the park and more fun at the house:

Always piles of boys!


Logan put some extra miles in on the treadmill.

The third week we went swimming. The pool has a great rope swing and the boys loved the diving board.  More piles:

Cooper showed us how it's done!

Fourth Week-swimming again since it was such a hit. Afterwards we went to the local haunted house but we only made it about 4 minutes before the boys decided it was too scary.

Fun with the catapult-Yea A.J.

Aaron and Dave finally got baseball mitts. Aaron's trying to decide between baseball and lacrosse for his spring sport. His buddy AJ is so good and played with us.

Aaron met so many new friends and did so great during his first season of tackle football.  We're sad it's over but he's excited for basketball and wrestling which are up next.

I also got to run a fun 5k with my cousins this month.  What a great October!

And read these great books:

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