Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday

I've been eyeing these Lucky jeans and they finally are 1/2 off this week:

I found some great sweaters on sale at Target:
This one in grey:

And this one-I had to get the red and grey because they were so comfy.

Gap had a huge sale too and I found a black sweater I had been eyeing:

These weren't on sale but I was able to complete Stepson Austin's Christmas list:
New Jeans-here

New Converse

Amazon Gift Card

And a bottle of his favorite 

I loved these sandals and when Nordstrom put them on sale I had to get a pair each for the sister's.  Summer is a ways away but they will still be nice to have on hand.

The sisters got a pair of grey converse each too.

Aaron's gifts were easy this year.  He wanted Nerf guns for his birthday and Legos for Christmas.  We found him this rare set at the Lego store:

And my Xmas Wish Gift-gorgeous clothing rack:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Pictures

We had some holiday pictures done for our Christmas card this week.  I was glad we hit a dry afternoon and the boys loved that they got to bring their skateboards to the photo session.

Photos by Aaron Berg here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Highlights

Gander Halloween Bash #4-We had a great Halloween party complete with a DJ and dancing.

Aaron went to wrestling camp.

Aaron started his basketball season and Dave is helping to coach this year.

My sweetie David celebrated his birthday.  I got him this card because he likes to pretend he's the king when he gets home and that a red carpet should be rolled out in his honor.

The day of my big interview with George Fox to determine if I would be accepted into their master's of counseling program.  I got in!

My nephew Wesley celebrated his second birthday with an Elmo party.

Our dear friends baby Trenton had his first birthday.  Here's Aaron playing with Trenton:

We had a snow day because of freezing rain.  It was a great day to spend by the fire (thanks to Dave and his buddy making a firewood run for us).  We had homemade chicken noodle soup, hot chocolate, watched movies and..

Aaron got his new DC's!  He got a bit of cabin fever with the cold weather so we played lacrosse in the house. He started playing lacrosse on Sunday so he's ready for spring lacrosse.

These movies:

We had fun watching all of these and even some of the old ones as a family:

Silly but fun:

This great book:

Best of all-Thanksgiving with the Family!

My mom got a free blow up turkey to put in her yard just because she knows I think anything blow up in the yard is tacky

Friendsgiving -our feast before Thanksgiving with friends:

 A jam packed week of fun for Thanksgiving break-Climbing at the new Circuit near us.  We're so excited to have a bouldering gym near us. It's their largest one too.

An evening at Big Al's watching the Duck's game.  Aaron and his buddy Brayden loved watching on the huge screens, playing games and bowling.

A holiday tradition at Hubers-Emily, Melissa and I love our yearly evening here:

Plus I found some great deals on black Friday.  We always get Aaron a build a bear on black Friday and at almost 9 he says he's still not too old.  This years pick:

A basketball player:

And because they sent us a ton of coupons-a football player.