Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday

I've been eyeing these Lucky jeans and they finally are 1/2 off this week:

I found some great sweaters on sale at Target:
This one in grey:

And this one-I had to get the red and grey because they were so comfy.

Gap had a huge sale too and I found a black sweater I had been eyeing:

These weren't on sale but I was able to complete Stepson Austin's Christmas list:
New Jeans-here

New Converse

Amazon Gift Card

And a bottle of his favorite 

I loved these sandals and when Nordstrom put them on sale I had to get a pair each for the sister's.  Summer is a ways away but they will still be nice to have on hand.

The sisters got a pair of grey converse each too.

Aaron's gifts were easy this year.  He wanted Nerf guns for his birthday and Legos for Christmas.  We found him this rare set at the Lego store:

And my Xmas Wish Gift-gorgeous clothing rack:

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