Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lauralea's Birthday at Lady Di's

           We had a surprise birthday at this great little tea shop in Lake Oswego called Lady Di's.

Lauralea thought she was just going to lunch with Mom and Dad.  However, Shelly, and I and our boys, her friend Bonnie and her daughter Jessica, best friend Kalia and romantic interest Gato all helped celebrate with her.  The owner of Lady Di's, Moya, helped make Laurlea's party so fun and she had the greatest British accent.  We loved how she said tomatoes  (toh-mah-toh) and scones (the version that rhymes with gone).  She had great pots of tea for us, sandwiches and chips and scones with cream.  Mom brought Lauralea's favorite cake-a pumpkin walnut cake with two types of frosting, cream cheese and pumpkin.  She also brought a huge fruit platter. The tea house had a great selection of British foods and china section as well as several rooms for eating in. I got Lauralea this great camera for her birthday and a gift card for fall clothes at Ann Taylor loft.  She also got wonderful teas, flowers, and more pieces of china from the set she's collecting.  I think she felt very loved.

It turned out this little play boutique I used to take Aaron to moved just a couple doors down from Lady Di's. This was great because the kids got to run and move at the play boutique around the corner (little boys in a china shop is just not a good thing)  Here's where the boys played.  I really liked how they had enough stuff for little kids and boys from 4-7.  Aaron liked the bouncy castle and the slide. Calvin liked scooting around on the airplane and following Aaron around. 

Here's a great review on Lady Di's

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