Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Blazer Party for Aaron

Aaron had a wonderful 9th Birthday.  He got to spend time with great friends and have a ball.  
Here are some of his favorite gifts from Mom and Dad:

A couple of games

And a new video game:

We love to check out new bakeries for cakes and cupcakes for his birthday.  We went to Kyra's -here to check out their cinnamon rolls.  They were incredible! I wanted to order their cinnamon rolls for the party but at $40 a dozen it was a little much since we're feeding 30.  So, we went with Cinnabon. We bought little containers of milk for the guests and had grapes too.

Our good friend Ali gave Aaron money and this awesome Blazer scarf so she's a hero in his book.  He also got a Leatherman pocket knife from another friend which he guards with his life:)

I really want to check out Baker and Spice Bakery soon too though: here. We've enjoyed amazing cakes and cupcakes baked by my sisters.  A favorite has also been Piece of Cake here. We usually get the Vegan Irish Oatmeal.

We duplicated last years party and went to Skyhigh again so all the kids could jump.  It's just such a great time for everyone we thought we would go with it again:

Their new rope swing area and basketball area is so cool:

Aaron wanted all his football friends invited plus classmates so we ended up with 24  kids! Thank you AJ, Logan B., Logan S., Joseph, Cooper, Andrew, Jax, Tyler, Zach, Carson,  Wilson, Eli, Hunter, Brayden, Logan M, Alex, Keegan, Aaron, Quinton, Audrey, Mia, Hayden, Jayna, and Camryn for making Aaron's day so special!

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