Monday, December 1, 2014

Favorite Traditions

One of my favorite bloggers here talked this week about one of her favorite holiday traditions.  What are some of yours?  We love watching Christmas Vacation and Elf as a family.  Another favorite is walking into downtown Sherwood for the tree lighting and festivities they have to celebrate.  Here are a couple more things we try to squeeze in over the holiday break:
  • New Years Eve with our group of fun friends-we have fun ideas for crafts for the kids this year.
  • A trip to sled up at the mountain with friends.
  • Another couple trips to mountain for Aaron to snowboard.  

I also love to pick a holiday ornament for Aaron and each of my nephews.  This year we got:

Sloth from Goonies for Aaron:

Elmo for Wesley

Donald Duck for Calvin

My other favorite ornaments:
Calvin's Bolt ornament-such a sweet movie:

Calvin's Happy Feet:

My favorite one by far is Aaron's Wild Things one:

Dave's Halloween face matched one of Aaron's ornaments too:

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