Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Year's Eve Plan

I ordered these cool tassels from
Etsy for New Years Eve decor: 

We got streamers like this too. We'll use them on the photo booth stand:

Backdrop might look something like this:

Possible props plus real top hats, cigars and boas for the girls.

Finally got all the props glued to posts:

Plus us girls have to get a pic like this one:

We're writing-Cheers-with these letters: here

We'll put these pretty candles all over the house-here

Pretty noise blowers:

We'll do party hats, noise makers and lots of sparklers like last year:

These hats I picked up were pretty cute. Here

Every year we all play this game and this year we'll have the kids play too:

Looking forward to crafts with the kids. We're going to pop a balloon about every 45 minutes for a new activity:

One of our first activities is making these English Crackers:

I got our supplies here: Old English Crackers

The second craft we'll do is to use these neat watercolor pencils or paints to create a painting:

These are such cool coloring books I got too.  The older kids will love the details

This is a cool one for the boys too:

And these:

Next each child will create a building with this magna-tile set.  We'll take pictures of their sets and send them home with a box of their painting, poppers, pictures and treats from the evening.

They can take pictures of their sets with my new instant camera -here

We'll make origami fish

And a cool picture with this set-you can scratch out any design you want.

Kids can also create with this set. I have to be honest-I love all this art stuff too. I got gel pens to use with the spirograph or the coloring books.

Glowsticks for kids-and adults:)

Other activities will include lighting sparklers, making their own little pizzas, playing the game Taboo with the adults, sing karaoke, watching a movie and making a ton of noise when the clock strikes midnight.

We will keep food pretty simple for New Years.  We'll have wine, champagne and hot spiked drinks.  Plus a hot soup, crackers and cheese.  
I'm using these stands for cheese, crafts and snacks-they are so cool: here

We'll most surely will have a cake from here.  I will add these pretty sprinkles here:

And how pretty are the hearts they sell too?!

Plus Midnight Kisses.  I ordered these cool personalized food tags for the night from Etsy-here

And a cool hot chocolate bar-one for kids and one for adults:

Kids party bags will have these:
Melting Snowman here

Plus these cool Buckyballs in their favorite colors, which you can make so many things with:

Silly fortune telling fish

Plus some extra surprises

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