Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

The photo booth turned out how I had hoped.

The kids liked playing the "Don't say drink" game and taking necklaces from anyone who said the word drink.  

Champagne and wine glasses all ready.

We played games-Taboo and a dice game called Ship, Captain, Crew, which were great hits.

The teens had fun dressing up and taking pictures.

Darling Jayna


The girlies: Emily, Ali, Marcella

We adore Aaron's buddy, AJ. 

Even the eldest Johnson, Riley made an appearance. 

Aaron and Lauren

Aaron as a girl and Lauren as a boy

The boys

Each hour after 7:30 we broke a balloon and inside was directions for something fun to do.


We made Christmas Crackers-and somehow managed to spell cracker, craker. We'll get it right at New Years Take 2 when our friends Kelley and Traice can join us.

The kids had fun with these bubbles too.

We got to celebrate Emily tonight too since her birthday is just a couple days after New Year's Eve.

Hot Chocolate Bar

The kids really loved the gift bags filled with their favorite colors of buckey balls, melting snowman, chocolates and glow in the dark bracelets. 

What a wonderful night with friends.  Cheers to 2015!

And... New Year's Day: Duck's game and breakfast with Soulagnet's.

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