Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Highlights

We got to celebrate our sweet friend Emily's birthday this month.

Our friend Kelley made a wonderful strawberry dessert.

Emily and I took the kids to Wings and Wild Waves waterpark this month too.  We got a deal on Groupon which helped.

A trip to the mountain to play for Aaron and his buddy AJ.  Lucky for me I love AJ's Mama too so Ali and I had a great time.

I started school!

It was fairly dry so we got some playtime at the park.  

Aaron's really enjoying the basketball season.  We go to this clinic twice a week now to help with give Aaron extra practice time.  

I've so enjoyed getting to work some shifts at the residential facility I work at for men suffering from schizophrenia.  I'm on call and didn't have as much time in December but this month I got more time at the center.  

About a month before Valentine's Day we break out Aaron's little Valentine card holder.  We got it years ago but he still likes it.  You can still buy them here. I got these for my nephews too and they really like them.

  I put little treats in it a couple times a week.  Here are some of the treats from this year:

We got to go to the mountain and snowboard for the first time this year.  Plus my girlfriend, Ali and I, took the kids to the mountain for the weekend to sled and play in the pool one weekend.

Lunch break to watch some football at Ratskeller:

The lake outside the lodge we stay at was frozen so boys had fun sledding an hiking around on it.

We played lots of Uno this trip, which both boys love.

Two trips to the mountain to snowboard

A birthday party our good friend Mike:

A long run in honor of Maria's birthday and several other Thursday trail runs with her:

A Seahawks birthday for friend Mark:
Banner from Land of Nod and this great Party Pack was fun.  I picked up a crown and balloons in Seahawk's colors too.

Nothing Bundt cake did a great job on their cake again.

A trip to these waterslides

New Years Eve Take 2 for our friends that missed the real thing:

These movies:

And spending Superbowl weekend at the beach.

Plus I'm fully immersed in school and really enjoying all the learning.  January was a wonderful month!

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