Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sweet 16

I get the privilege of helping with my dear friend Ali's, daughter's birthday.  We can't wait to celebrate Camryn. The colors she wants are purple and silver so we'll incorporate those.

We'll have a chocolate waterfall with wonderful things to dip in it. I tried this one first and it was so loud.  I tried 3 more before I found one I liked.  So don't get this one.

Get this one: here

Plus we'll have a regular fondu pot

Glitter numbers in silver-the gold is shown here.  This Etsy shop is one of my favorites: here

We will also spell out Camryn's name with these cool letters and decorate them: here

These cool numbers go on the cake: here

We will also do our photo booth, eat pizza, and play games. Can't wait!

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