Sunday, January 4, 2015

The last couple days of Aaron's holiday break

Aaron had a wonderful winter break.  He had his 9th birthday party with friends, went to a Blazer game,  saw the move Annie and Big Hero 5 in the theater.  He enjoyed playing new video games, which he got as gifts, and seeing his new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.  He loved his time with his little cousins and Grandma over the break too.  We sneaked in a couple more times to play after Christmas though.  

Aaron and his buddy Brayden at Safari Sams and enjoying some basketball:

His buddy Keegan came over several times for Nerf wars.  They loved attacking brother Austin.  

Because there was no snow we didn't plan on heading to Mt Hood over the break to spend the night, sled, and swim at the pool at Dave's Dad's place, but then it dumped unexpectedly and we made a quick trip up. We got in late but Aaron got time in the pool and had fun sledding with Austin and his friends.

The biggest highlight was going with buddy AJ to Seattle with Austin and AJ's Mom Ali.  We all had a ball and we got to try indoor skydiving! Still trying to upload the videos but here's some pictures.

Yea AJ

Go Austin!

Go Aaron

And here I am.

We visited the cool Freemont Troll here and had lunch at Saley's: here. It was so good! The sandwiches and crepes were incredible.

Aaron spent the weekend before school at a basketball clinic, going with me on bike rides and relaxing.  It was a great holiday break.

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