Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Sweet 16 Fondue Party

One of my dearest friend's, Ali,  has a darling daughter who turned 16 this week.  I got to help with the party.  We made the Sweet 16 full of sweets and had a fondue party, complete with a chocolate waterfall, sparklers and a photo booth.

Happy Birthday Camryn!

Photo booth all ready. Camryn wanted the colors of purple, silver and black.  


Purple necklaces for the game.  Anyone that said birthday had to give their necklace away. The birthday girl won!

We had a photographer come shoot some pics but I put out the Polaroid camera for fun too. 

We ordered custom M & M's that had Camryn's face and Happy Birthday Camryn written on them. I also added purple kisses to the candy tower and Hershey's chocolate nuggets. 

Camryn likes white roses so I got those with a touch of purple.  I loved the 16 candle because it was a sparkler.  You can buy them here.

Gift bags for candy

I set up a separate fondue pot for more dipping.  My favorite things to dip were probably the kiwis, pretzels and potato chips.   I wanted to try bacon but we didn't get it cooked in time.  We also dipped, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, coconut, Nilla wafers, rice crispy treats, apples, bananas, shortbread, Oreos, graham crackers, 

Left Right Center Game

Aaron having fun with photo props:


Camryn's dear friend MyRanda had this pretty canvas made for a birthday gift for her. One of my favorite parts of the night was viewing a video I put together with pictures of Camryn.  I used a song from one of her favorite artists and really loved seeing all the cute pictures of this girl.  

Ali and I indulged in our usual
Bloody Mary drink.  I got the fun purple flower headband for the party too. 

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