Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February HIghlights

I wrote my first paper of the term.  My first real paper in 15 years!

Aaron enjoyed lacrosse on Sunday's, basketball games on Saturday and lots of basketball practice during the week.

I threw my first Sweet 16 party for a friend.

Aaron and his friends enjoyed several pools.  Here's a video of them at the Newberg pool on the rope swing:

We also checked out two new laser tag spots.  

I had several friends from school over to dinner.  It was great to spend more time with these neat people.

School colors-old gold and navy blue

We even learned the story about how George Fox choose the Bruin to be their mascot.  Aaron let me borrow his stuffed bear for the party.

Plus, we went wine tasting for the first time, which is odd considering we live in Sherwood. We're just minutes away from great vineyards. 

Also, we saw these movies:

Silly one

This one was intense

We made it to the mountain to snowboard several times.  The week of Valentines we had an awesome date day.  We went snowboarding and then went to Huber's Cafe for dinner and drinks with our dear friends.

Aaron wanted these books for Valentines day:

Plus an airsoft gun (which I'm excited to try out too). Oregon airsoft arena here we come: here

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