Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Aaron's Spring Break

The highlight was getting to zipline with his buddy Nigel!

Catching up with friends he hasn't seen in a bit:


Logan and Hunter


A birthday party with a game truck for buddy Alex!

A Blazer game-where he got to watch his favorite team and his other top team-the Warriors! 

Ice Skating with Nigel and AJ

Saturday, March 14, 2015


I love the audible app and listen to books on my phone through my car speakers as I drive around or run.  Here's a couple I purchased recently:

Masterminds and Wingmen-here

The Fran Lebowitz Reader-here

I got hooked on audible when I was listening to the Serial series on my podcasts and they kept advertising for audible.   I can't wait until it returns.  Listen to Serial here.

March Finds

This great devotional

I read this book in seventh grade and always liked the metaphors in it so picked it up this week: here

This was another one that my classmates liked that I added:

I got to help decorate our friend AJ's room and found this great sheet set to add to the room.  

This red comforter: here

He's such a baseball fan so this wall mural went great too.

This baseball shelf is sure great too.  All items Pottery Barn Teen: here

I finally got Dave to watch my favorite childhood movies with me and picked up the box set-here.

I broke down and ordered eight more of our favorite water bottle.  When we host weekends at the mountain with friends everyone can have one and they always seem to get misplaced so it's nice to have a bunch on hand, here.

I'm really enjoying tea right now.  My sis, Lauralea is an expert on the subject but I'm just an beginner.  I picked up a couple new items at Teavana.  

Rock Sugar to sweeten tea

A tea warmer- here

I have this teapot I love already:

And this pot to infuse tea.  It has a nice basket for loose tea inside.

On the wish list is this individual infuser mug

And this cast iron pot

Aaron got some much needed new basketball shoes he had his eyes on here:

We have a trash compacter for our trash can in the kitchen but had another one for events as well and other trash.  We recently upgraded to a simplehuman can and I love it.  The liners fit perfectly too.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Highlights

I feel so blessed that my dear friend Ali gets to stay with us for a couple weeks as she waits to move into her new place.  How lucky am I to have my best friend over for slumber parties!  Also, our search continues for the perfect Bloody Mary.  McMenamins you don't win-ewww-lime juice did not make it good!

And Margarita search

Last basketball game for Aaron and the beginning of lacrosse season:

Pizza kits

Spring break for Aaron and AJ up at the mountain. 

First Seahawks, I mean Winterhawks game. I keep calling it the Seahawks and I think it's going to drive everyone crazy.  You can tell I'm not a very educated sports fan. What a game it was too!  The game went all the way to a shootout and even though we didn't win it was a great game. 

Dinner with my sweetie at this cool spot: Swank

They have an incredible bar.

And we got to go see one of our favorite comedian:

Date night dress

We went to dinner here again too.  The clam chowder was incredible, as were the lobster tortellini and trout.

I found comfy chairs to study in and good beer for breaks at this pub: Fanno Creek. I love their new patio.

We completely remodeled one of our rentals.  Aaron and AJ helped with the painting and thank goodness Ali was available to help clean too.

The mountain continues to have very little snow but we did make it up a couple times this month.