Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Highlights

I feel so blessed that my dear friend Ali gets to stay with us for a couple weeks as she waits to move into her new place.  How lucky am I to have my best friend over for slumber parties!  Also, our search continues for the perfect Bloody Mary.  McMenamins you don't win-ewww-lime juice did not make it good!

And Margarita search

Last basketball game for Aaron and the beginning of lacrosse season:

Pizza kits

Spring break for Aaron and AJ up at the mountain. 

First Seahawks, I mean Winterhawks game. I keep calling it the Seahawks and I think it's going to drive everyone crazy.  You can tell I'm not a very educated sports fan. What a game it was too!  The game went all the way to a shootout and even though we didn't win it was a great game. 

Dinner with my sweetie at this cool spot: Swank

They have an incredible bar.

And we got to go see one of our favorite comedian:

Date night dress

We went to dinner here again too.  The clam chowder was incredible, as were the lobster tortellini and trout.

I found comfy chairs to study in and good beer for breaks at this pub: Fanno Creek. I love their new patio.

We completely remodeled one of our rentals.  Aaron and AJ helped with the painting and thank goodness Ali was available to help clean too.

The mountain continues to have very little snow but we did make it up a couple times this month.


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