Friday, April 10, 2015

April Highlights

More running on the trails:

I started going to a barre class in town and love it.  Stop by Barre Prana if you haven't already: here

Aaron's lacrosse games have been such fun to watch.  Having one of his best friend's Dad as the coach has made lacrosse especially fun for Aaron. He's playing MVP flag football again this spring and really enjoys his team and coach. 

Getting up to the mountain 3 times. Finally it's dumping and we are getting to use our snowboard passes more consistently. 

Easter with the family. We have this tradition of always getting a funny lamb cake from the neighbors so we get a pic of it every year.

My sweet sis-Shelly-celebrated a birthday too.  I have a tradition of getting the sisters shoes for some reason for their birthday so I picked up a couple pairs she loves:

Happy Birthday darling sister!

Cousin Randy brought wind up planes the boys loved.

Aaron has returned to D block and got a new helmet to skate with.  He's missed his skateboarding:

Easter baskets for Aaron and AJ

Aaron and Avery playing wedding in my wedding dress. She looks a little worried:)

Finishing my first term of grad school.

These movies:

Getting to celebrate my girlfriend Vanessa's 40th:

And Jerilyn's birthday:

Meals with Kelley and Tracie-They always cook wonderful feasts for us:

Fun playdates for Aaron:

Margaritas with our sweet neighbors

It's finally been warm enough to wear some summer clothes.

I found these great cards to thank professors for the classes I attended this semester:

This one was especially perfect because I had spoken to the professor about feeling like I was drowning in coursework and she had been an encouragement to me:

I also found these adorable ones to send after dinner at a friend's house:  

I love sending cards and try to do one each week to a friend or family member.  When Papyrus has a sale I stock up.

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