Thursday, August 27, 2015


Our poor boy took a pretty hard fall BMX riding the other day.  It was pretty scary because he couldn't see for 7 minutes and he was so worried he had lost his sight. We got him right to the ER and were told he has a concussion.  This was rough on him because he can't play football for two weeks. We're so grateful it wasn't more serious.  The ER named him, "Little Stuntman."  He certainly is.  He's doing much better now though and is able to play a bit without too much pain. It was wonderful having people praying for our Aaron and we are amazed at the power of prayer. His grandma/grandpa and Aunt Shelly came right away to be with him.  Shelly brought special presents for him.  He loved the Lego set she brought him and was able to complete it after resting for a couple of days.  I fell so blessed to have a mother and sister who are nurses and a father who is so relational and can provide great pastoral care. Dave loved having him there. 

His eye turns a new color every day.  Today it's pink.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ashley's Graduation Weekend

We didn't make it down to Arizona to watch my step-daughter graduate from college this year but we got to have her and her boyfriend up for the weekend and had a great time celebrating her, wine tasting and spending time with family.

Our first stop on wine tasting day was Red Hills Market for lunch and then we went over to Tori Mor in Dundee.  The view and wine was amazing and we had to bring a bottle home.

Next we went to Bella Vida.  This was the prettiest tasting room and view I've been to on my wine tours and I'll definitely be coming back.

We ended with Owen Roe.  The day was pretty and perfect.  Jack and Ashley seemed to really enjoy their first wine tasting trip.

Ashley's grad party the next day we had all the family and friends over for desserts and wine.  I accidentally did the color theme in ASU colors, (red and gold) instead of U of A colors-oops.  So, I quickly changed things to reflect her colors instead of her school's rival and we had a great party. 

We did a fondue theme with lots of edibles to dip in chocolate.

I had fun putting together a video with pictures of Ashley.

Our friend Kara captured the party and pictures with the family. Everyone enjoyed spending some time with Ashley and her boyfriend Jack.  We are all looking forward to their next visit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A lacrosse party!

Aaron's birthday isn't until December but I'm looking for lacrosse party stuff now because it's hard to find.  So far I've been able to get a couple of things.  A friend used this lacrosse stick from Amazon on her son's cake so I grabbed one of those for our cake.

Next I found some stickers and stationary for a lacrosse board with pics of Aaron playing lacrosse.

I also ordered a couple of these cool lacrosse pens-here.

Monday, August 17, 2015


I turned 38 this week and spent a wonderful day celebrating with friends. We got to go to three beautiful wineries: White Rose,The Four Graces,
lunch at Red Hills Market with a tasting upstairs at Domaine trouvere and lastly Dobbes. We celebrated the summer birthdays of our friends today too and had cake/ice cream at our house after. This year has been full of wonderful changes. My favorite adjustment has been grad school and being home more with the family.  Cheers to another year of adventures and fun.