Thursday, August 27, 2015


Our poor boy took a pretty hard fall BMX riding the other day.  It was pretty scary because he couldn't see for 7 minutes and he was so worried he had lost his sight. We got him right to the ER and were told he has a concussion.  This was rough on him because he can't play football for two weeks. We're so grateful it wasn't more serious.  The ER named him, "Little Stuntman."  He certainly is.  He's doing much better now though and is able to play a bit without too much pain. It was wonderful having people praying for our Aaron and we are amazed at the power of prayer. His grandma/grandpa and Aunt Shelly came right away to be with him.  Shelly brought special presents for him.  He loved the Lego set she brought him and was able to complete it after resting for a couple of days.  I fell so blessed to have a mother and sister who are nurses and a father who is so relational and can provide great pastoral care. Dave loved having him there. 

His eye turns a new color every day.  Today it's pink.

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