Friday, September 25, 2015

September Highlights

Back to school for Aaron and I.  He started the 4th grade although its been a rough start as he's been out 5 days already due to an upper respiratory infection. 

We had to pull 
Aaron from fall lacrosse and football because of his concussion, which was sad but he is still doing some lacrosse lessons and basketball.  Plus, he's had more time for play.  He loves his friends.

Dave and his friend Ryan got to go trap shooting. They had a ball!

Art and Maria fixed us a wonderful dinner and we got to spend the evening with friends.

Wonderful runs with the trail running group

Mostly its textbooks for reading but I did sneak these two great books in this month:

Dave and I loved seeing not one, but two men finish the American Ninja Warrior course.  After 7 years we did it! You can watch the winning show here. Congrats Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten!

These movies stand out this month too:

And hooray-my favorite show has returned for fall:

I'm really enjoying my research, family counseling and personality classes this semester.  One month down and two to go for term 3.  

September finds

Aaron never played his Wii U and the PS4 died so we had a little more room in our entertainment center for one more console. Aaron was thrilled we added the xbox one. 

A much needed new couch set:

Lucky had a great sale-and my fav Lolita curvy jeans are finally cheaper.

We had this clock in silver but got one in copper for the living room too.

We are working on this fun puzzle of our favorite beach town.

These amazing new running shoes:

and these

I love being back out on the trails again with my running group.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Family Camp

We got to stay in the Lodge this year.  I loved having a queen bed and more room.

Aaron and his cousins hiked to the Big Foot statue.  They loved their time together playing at the beach, in the rec room and running all around camp. The speaker this year spoke on joy and he did such a great job during the worship sessions.

Bird man came to family camp with lots of beautiful birds. 

Aaron and I went down to family camp early and spent the day exploring Manzanita.  My favorite cafe was Bread and Oven. Aaron had fun biking on the beach and with his skim board.  There were some amazing kite surfers to watch as well. 

We found a great little pizza place for lunch. Here
They had a great patio.