Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Traditions

What are your holiday traditions?  We have a couple we follow most years.  

A Spanish Coffee at Huebers-Portland's oldest restaurant:

A drive through Peacock Lane-a street in Portland where each house is decked out.

Aaron always get an advent calendar. This year we added a non edible one.  I will remember next year to get to the lego store before they are all gone and I have to pay double for it. 

We got his edible one from Williams Sonoma this year:

We also like to play on the mountain for New Year's and usually spend New Year's Eve at The Grand Lodge with friends and spend New Year's sledding and snowboarding. 

November Finds and Highlights

November Highlights

Dave's 37th Birthday party

I found this birthday card that featured one of our fav characters from SNL

I found 2 new shorts I just love:


Bike rides and runs at Champoeg park

Indoor lacrosse and basketball practice are in full swing for Aaron. He and his dear friend Andrew love the extra time together.

I got to visit a new vineyard sokol blosser with my friend Jerilyn.  They had a beautiful tasting room.

They offer this great snack platter with their tastings.

Aaron got to dress up for a business field trip.  I love it when he's all dressed up.  

These great books!

These movies:
We took Aaron to this series on opening day each year.  It was great fun to see the final installation.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Birthday David

My darling husband had a birthday this past week. We celebrated at Rock Bottom Brewery. It was great fun to rent part of their upstairs which had pool tables, giant tv's and shuffle board.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Thank you Viva, Matt, Misty, Bill, Christine, Tracie, Kelley, Ryan, Emily, Joe, Marcella, Kara, Tanner, Perry, Jerilyn, Mark, Maria, Art,  and Michelle for coming. Happy Birthday David!  You are loved!

We made one last stop at this great new spot on the way home and continued celebrating. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

December finds

Pretty number from Free People

The burgundy sweater with it is so soft: here

This holiday dress from anthro: here

Pottery Barn sign: here

Sunday, November 8, 2015

October Finds

Yurbuds for smaller ears!  Finally
here-now they won't keep slipping out of my ears!

Love some of these pretty things:

This anthro top went on sale.  Both colors are so great.

This roomy one here is one of my favorites. 

I picked up this pretty which will be nice for fall. Here

October Highlights

I read these great books:

I knocked out four of the papers due this term for grad school.  This term is kicking my butt but.....we picked these up so I have some fun days to look forward to.

Timberline Season Pass

snowboarding terrain park

We got to spend a golden day at a pumpkin farm in Battleground and celebrate my sister Lauralea's birthday. 

I got to go to this amazing conference with John Gottman!

My friend Vanessa and I had a great day in Seattle enjoying the conference.

My Sandtray came for a class I'm taking.  It's a great one and Aaron had fun breaking it in.  You can purchase it here. I really like the sand it comes with. 

We discovered G6 Airpark and have made several visits.  It has great trampolines and an obstacle course. Here

Aaron was the scary guy from Purge.  He and his friends had a good time trick or treating.  

Killer Burger came to town.  Aaron and his buddies love having a good burger place in town.