Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November Finds and Highlights

November Highlights

Dave's 37th Birthday party

I found this birthday card that featured one of our fav characters from SNL

I found 2 new shorts I just love:


Bike rides and runs at Champoeg park

Indoor lacrosse and basketball practice are in full swing for Aaron. He and his dear friend Andrew love the extra time together.

I got to visit a new vineyard sokol blosser with my friend Jerilyn.  They had a beautiful tasting room.

They offer this great snack platter with their tastings.

Aaron got to dress up for a business field trip.  I love it when he's all dressed up.  

These great books!

These movies:
We took Aaron to this series on opening day each year.  It was great fun to see the final installation.

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