Sunday, November 8, 2015

October Highlights

I read these great books:

I knocked out four of the papers due this term for grad school.  This term is kicking my butt but.....we picked these up so I have some fun days to look forward to.

Timberline Season Pass

snowboarding terrain park

We got to spend a golden day at a pumpkin farm in Battleground and celebrate my sister Lauralea's birthday. 

I got to go to this amazing conference with John Gottman!

My friend Vanessa and I had a great day in Seattle enjoying the conference.

My Sandtray came for a class I'm taking.  It's a great one and Aaron had fun breaking it in.  You can purchase it here. I really like the sand it comes with. 

We discovered G6 Airpark and have made several visits.  It has great trampolines and an obstacle course. Here

Aaron was the scary guy from Purge.  He and his friends had a good time trick or treating.  

Killer Burger came to town.  Aaron and his buddies love having a good burger place in town. 

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