Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Highlights

We attended the Sherwood Christmas Festival. Aaron had a good time with buddy Drew. 

Safari Sam's has been a favorite of Aaron's since he was 2.

Aaron really is enjoying his basketball practices and games this month. 

Aaron returned to Taekwondo.  He took the last several years off but was interested in Hapkido.  
Classes here

I love the lighting of the Sherwood Christmas tree. The countdown to the lights coming on is one of my favorite traditions.

Aaron's 10th birthday party with 35 boys and one girl :)

These books

Dave and I got to the mountain to snowboard twice.  The snowboard season is off to a great start. We are looking forward to using our passes more this year.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year's Celebration Prep


We will use our glitter sign from last year. We just had to add a 6.  You can purchase it here.

 I always put out clocks and lots of noise maker.  We also decorate with balloons and will do a 2016 balloon set too.
These are cool too! 
Food and Drink:
Thank goodness for dear friend Kelley making his famous lasagna.  We'll add a big salad, bread and lots of treats for snacks. 

We stocked up on champagne.  I've always wanted to try a bottle of this but $200 is a pretty spendy bottle of champagne.


The kids and adults might have fun with Aaron's Xmas gift, Quadrilla.

I love making fun goodie bags for the kids each year on New Years.  I'll add glow sticks, each person's favorite treats, sparklers and a special item.

Hair Chalk
 for the girls to have fun with.

Christmas Break Fun

I loved getting some time with my little boy over the school break.  We had a good time.  Here's a recap:

Putt Putt Golf and Downtown Play

Downtown Starbucks:  cookies and hot chocolate

Keller Fountain

Hapkido lessons with friends

Clackamas Water Park-here

G6 Airpark-here

Many trips to Killer Burger

And Trees

These fun movies:

We went snowboarding as a family on Christmas day!

Aaron got to snowboard 6 days over his break!  He's keeping up with Dave and I.

We went to Oregon Airsoft Arena and Aaron choose a new gun with his birthday money.

We made a trip to the Nike Employee Store since a friend got us some passes and Aaron found some great shoes he was wanting.  

We had a great lunch at Benihana and play time at Circuit Bouldering

 New Year's Eve at the mountain with our group of dear friends was a ball. We spent a week up on Mt. Hood snowboarding with Aaron and having a relaxing time. 

Austin came to visit and Aaron was so glad to see his step-brother.  We all went to the new Star Wars movie.

And last but not least, it snowed in Sherwood!  Aaron got to spend the Sunday before school started back up in the snow with friends.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Highlights

What a year!  I'm so blessed to have such beautiful, sweet friends in my life.  Thank you so much friends for the joy you add to my life.  This year was a year of great change as I started graduate school and left my job of 15 years. Its been a wonderful transition and I'm looking forward to 2016 and all that I will learn in my classes, out on the trails with my running buddies and in my relationships with those I love. 

We rang in the new year with friends at our house.  The kids had a good time with all the crafts.

Indoor skydiving with Austin and Aaron:

Seeing these two darling friends marry:

Aaron discovered lacrosse and fell in love with it thanks to his wonderful coach Mark.

We got to spend spring break vacation to Hawaii. Hooray for the Wernet's, Stevenson's and my parents for caring for Aaron so we could play. 

A girls night-complete with a hotel downtown and fun with my favorite girls:

An awesome 4th of July at Kelley's house.  I have a feeling this will be the new tradition for the 4th for everyone:

Wakeboarding with my cousin Jenny:

Celebrating Ashley's graduation:

Cousin Melissa's wedding:

Halloween fun at Kelley's great party. I won a stack of money with the game left, right, center!

Wine tasting with friends for those with summer birthdays:

Street of Dreams with these 3 wonderful friends:

God answered our prayers and healed our boy after he had a bad crash at a indoor bmx track.   We are so grateful Aaron is healthy again.

We celebrated my darling husband's birthday with great friends downtown. I love our friends.

Ryan's 30th Birthday Party

We played a great round of left, right, center: here. We clearly can't get enough of this game. 

2015 was not full of great snowboarding days but we have been up a couple of times recently and based on this great snow 2016 should be a much better year on the mountain.

Seeing my sweet Aaron turn 10:

These great books:

Favorite purchases:

These fun movies:

This movie actually surprised me and I love how the ending had a twist.

This was surprisingly enjoyable too.

And these were good.

And.... last but not least I finished year one of grad school! It's been wonderful to meet such amazing new friends and be learning so much.  I'm so lucky to have such willing parents to watch Aaron the many weekends I've had to study and attend classes.  Thanks Mom and Dad! Love this pic of my mom.