Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Highlights

What a year!  I'm so blessed to have such beautiful, sweet friends in my life.  Thank you so much friends for the joy you add to my life.  This year was a year of great change as I started graduate school and left my job of 15 years. Its been a wonderful transition and I'm looking forward to 2016 and all that I will learn in my classes, out on the trails with my running buddies and in my relationships with those I love. 

We rang in the new year with friends at our house.  The kids had a good time with all the crafts.

Indoor skydiving with Austin and Aaron:

Seeing these two darling friends marry:

Aaron discovered lacrosse and fell in love with it thanks to his wonderful coach Mark.

We got to spend spring break vacation to Hawaii. Hooray for the Wernet's, Stevenson's and my parents for caring for Aaron so we could play. 

A girls night-complete with a hotel downtown and fun with my favorite girls:

An awesome 4th of July at Kelley's house.  I have a feeling this will be the new tradition for the 4th for everyone:

Wakeboarding with my cousin Jenny:

Celebrating Ashley's graduation:

Cousin Melissa's wedding:

Halloween fun at Kelley's great party. I won a stack of money with the game left, right, center!

Wine tasting with friends for those with summer birthdays:

Street of Dreams with these 3 wonderful friends:

God answered our prayers and healed our boy after he had a bad crash at a indoor bmx track.   We are so grateful Aaron is healthy again.

We celebrated my darling husband's birthday with great friends downtown. I love our friends.

Ryan's 30th Birthday Party

We played a great round of left, right, center: here. We clearly can't get enough of this game. 

2015 was not full of great snowboarding days but we have been up a couple of times recently and based on this great snow 2016 should be a much better year on the mountain.

Seeing my sweet Aaron turn 10:

These great books:

Favorite purchases:

These fun movies:

This movie actually surprised me and I love how the ending had a twist.

This was surprisingly enjoyable too.

And these were good.

And.... last but not least I finished year one of grad school! It's been wonderful to meet such amazing new friends and be learning so much.  I'm so lucky to have such willing parents to watch Aaron the many weekends I've had to study and attend classes.  Thanks Mom and Dad! Love this pic of my mom.

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