Saturday, December 5, 2015

Aaron's Kickball Birthday

We had Aaron's birthday at the Sherwood Field House, here
Aaron wanted a kickball party.  

I  used these food tags since I was going with a red theme inspired by the kickball.

Gifts from Mom and Dad

This was a combination Christmas and birthday gift from Grandpa and us.  They are pretty fun to ride.

Aaron likes my mindfulness app on my phone so I got him a cd for kids to listen to:

We got a standard kickball but added a couple of these which were fun when we turned the lights out too:

And a football

I found some kickball stickers for decor:


Custom M & M's with this pic

We had 35 boys and one girl!  It was such a fun party. 

The glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces were a hit for the dark soccer game.  I used printable labels from this Etsy shop. I liked the buffalo plaid to go with the kickball red color scheme we had.

Aaron doesn't like cake so he got several giant Rice Krispy Treats for the cake.  I got the giant balloons at Lippman Company.

We did a candy bar as well

 Sandwiches, chips and lots of water

Part of my kickball team:

Aaron felt very loved and celebrated.  This double digit birthday will be one to remember!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This looks like a fabulous celebration! I absolutely love all of your party decorations! It looks like it was a fantastic time had by all! Happy Birthday to your son! Thank you for purchasing with Sunshinetulipdesign! I hope you visit again soon! :)