Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Break Fun

I loved getting some time with my little boy over the school break.  We had a good time.  Here's a recap:

Putt Putt Golf and Downtown Play

Downtown Starbucks:  cookies and hot chocolate

Keller Fountain

Hapkido lessons with friends

Clackamas Water Park-here

G6 Airpark-here

Many trips to Killer Burger

And Trees

These fun movies:

We went snowboarding as a family on Christmas day!

Aaron got to snowboard 6 days over his break!  He's keeping up with Dave and I.

We went to Oregon Airsoft Arena and Aaron choose a new gun with his birthday money.

We made a trip to the Nike Employee Store since a friend got us some passes and Aaron found some great shoes he was wanting.  

We had a great lunch at Benihana and play time at Circuit Bouldering

 New Year's Eve at the mountain with our group of dear friends was a ball. We spent a week up on Mt. Hood snowboarding with Aaron and having a relaxing time. 

Austin came to visit and Aaron was so glad to see his step-brother.  We all went to the new Star Wars movie.

And last but not least, it snowed in Sherwood!  Aaron got to spend the Sunday before school started back up in the snow with friends.

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