Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year's Celebration Prep


We will use our glitter sign from last year. We just had to add a 6.  You can purchase it here.

 I always put out clocks and lots of noise maker.  We also decorate with balloons and will do a 2016 balloon set too.
These are cool too! 
Food and Drink:
Thank goodness for dear friend Kelley making his famous lasagna.  We'll add a big salad, bread and lots of treats for snacks. 

We stocked up on champagne.  I've always wanted to try a bottle of this but $200 is a pretty spendy bottle of champagne.


The kids and adults might have fun with Aaron's Xmas gift, Quadrilla.

I love making fun goodie bags for the kids each year on New Years.  I'll add glow sticks, each person's favorite treats, sparklers and a special item.

Hair Chalk
 for the girls to have fun with.

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