Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Highlights and finds

We're having a lot of fun with our GoPro while boarding.  
We recently got the jaw accessory: here
You can see all the cool ways you can use it here.

We found Aaron some new snowboard pants.  I was ready to have mine back as he kept borrowing them.


This amazing shampoo and conditioner.  Portland just opened a store and I love the volume it adds to my hair!

Aaron had a pretty good Game Stop credit from his birthday so he picked up this Xbox for his room. He's enjoying his new setup. I normally don't love the idea of a TV in his room but we have agreed upon times for use so it's working.

We had a great visit with Austin. We got to take him to a few great pubs around Portland and to a Blazer game, as well as catch up with family over a couple of dinners.


We ended the night at the Rock but the upstairs was closed so we couldn't play pool. We'll start there next time Austin comes and try some more new spots.

 Blazer night

We got up to the mountain three times to snowboard!

Aaron's loving Hapkido

and basketball

and his hip hop classes

and lacrosse!

We made it to Safari Sams, Sky High, and G6 again this month. 

We get to spend President's day weekend snowboarding with friends at the mountain.

Aaron made a new friend-Kai and they have been having great fun together.

I read these great books. 

My spring semester at Fox is underway and I'm really enjoying my classes. 

We have started a major bathroom remodel. The downstairs bathroom in our house and our kitchen are the areas our house hasn't had a major rehaul and we are trying to tackle both this year.  I love my new vanity!

We celebrated Martin Luther King day on the mountain and had a great overnight stay with friends. Aaron and his buddies had fun swimming, sledding and snowboarding. 

Because we didn't get to have the Wernet's for New Years, as they were out of town, we celebrated again and even watched the ball drop.  

Aaron, Josh and Andrew enjoyed their afternoon lesson.  There were only three snowboarders in each class so they got a lot of great instruction. 

We had a great lunch together at the Vertical restaurant at Meadows.

Mark and Jerilyn-darling friends:)

This amazing movie

We picked up this fun game when friends introduced us to it.
We bought our tickets for this Broadway musical in April.  Aaron and I both loved the movie and I've been waiting for it to come to Portland!

I get to go to an amazing workshop about our Chakras-here.  We all needed to bring a pendent to wear and I found one I loved-here

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