Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Highlights and finds

This month marked my entry back into running and I felt very successful getting in 110 miles:)
View from Pittock Mansion on one of the runs. 

These movies:

This movie was so well done.

These great books

I found my new favorite tee shirt and stocked up on these from Madewell.

We got to spend every Wednesday on the mountain snowboarding.

I got some great miles on the trail and road this month with the help of some new shoes, which I love.

 I loved that Maria and I were able to keep her birthday tradition of a run before lunch again this year. 

We finished the bathroom remodel and I love it!!! It ended up needing new tile on part of the flooring, new grout added and all the grout cleaned and sealed, new plumbing, new knobs on everything, and new paint, as well as  electrical work but it looks great now. Hooray for all the help we got from Kiwi Concepts! They did a great job.

Dave loved having the mirrors, sinks and light higher as they were so low before he had to hunch down to see himself. It's funny how you live with things like that for a long time-15 years.

The before: You can see this funny built in was very low to the 

And the after:

The drawers on the vanity are so nice and deep for beauty supplies.  I love the marble color too on the counter.

This built in drawer set had such an ugly top on it.  I like the new tile job. 

Bamboo mat

I love having electrical outlets in this cabinet so my toothbrushes aren't on the vanity.  Adding a door here soon.

More product info on bathroom will be available shortly when we do our house tour post. 

We had a wonderful SuperBowl weekend at Kelley's and got to celebrate Tracie at the Chart House-yum!

Love the view from Chart House and Kelley set the dinner up beautifully.

Aaron finished up his basketball season and got a great jump start on lacrosse season with Sunday clinics and a couple private lessons.

Aaron's little basketball party after the game was such fun.  I put up this little board with pictures of the coaches and boys.

We ordered sandwiches from Jersey Mikes and had waters for the kids.  Each participant got a great trophy too. I love that my husband enjoys coaching Aaron. His assistant coach Mark is a dear friend and was a great help to Dave this year as well. 
I recently picked up several new coolers.  This little one was perfect for all the water bottles for the team party and isn't so bulky. I'll use it lots in flag football games when the days get hot and we need cold drinks for the team. The bigger one we use a lot for barbecues and events at our house. 

And last but not least, Aaron and I got to do family yoga at an event Barre Prana put on.  I love doing yoga with my boy!

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