Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day fell on a weekend this year which meant Dave worked.  However, we cooked up a wonderful dinner of scallops when he got home. We get to snowboard a couple days after the holiday and enjoyed purchasing a couple of things together to celebrate.
Dave got me this sweet card:

We got Aaron these new shoes he had been wanting. 
and here
We replaced all our hangers with matching wooden ones. It makes the closet look so much nicer. It was a big job replacing 180 hangers and organizing it all. But it looks so much better. 

Here's the closet.  I'm working on Aaron's room and the coat closet next. Wood hangers make such a difference.

And we got a new desk and computer for the office.
Similar Deskhumidifier/diffusermug, new desktop Mac in route.

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