Monday, March 21, 2016

March Highlights

We got my office completed-minus a new computer.  I love the new desk and having a place to study where I can shut the door when it gets rowdy in the house. 
We moved Aaron's room upstairs and I now have an office!



desk mug, Computer
My laptop is still nice for trips to school but I love having a desktop for longer projects.

Similar blanket, similar bed

These oil diffusers have been a wonderful addition to our bedrooms.  

I discovered Nature Box and love it!  Try it here.

Spring Break!

This sports bra from Lululemon has been with me for three years.  I love that it has no padding. However the seams are coming lose and its starting to chafe.  Luckily Lululemon still has the Flow Y and even had a couple on sale!
Goodbye favorite bra

New one here


I loved watching the American Cup for Gymnastics as seeing Gabby Douglass win.  I can't wait for the Olympics this summer. 

We discovered the bakery Hungry Hero.  Oh their cookies are so good and its only a couple blocks walk from our house which can be dangerous.
This great bodysuit from Urban.

Free People shirt/dress

Lovely new sweater from Anthro. I love the pin to hold the sweater together and will be using it on my other open cardigans.

These Shorts

Jeans-love the Lolita skinny from Lucky 

Wonderful training runs with my running group in anticipation of next months 20 mile race.

Aaron got to go to Omsi with a friend and experience the Rock band exhibit.

We got Aaron a spring pass for snowboarding up at Timberline so we can go as many times as we can before the end of the season. We spent spring break snowboarding, connecting with friends and sleeping in!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Favorite Dress

Anthropologie did a great post: Ode to a Dress and it made me think what my favorite dress is.

I settled on this one because it's nice and light for the summer and you can add sweater/tights for the winter. 

I got the pink dress and love it

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Packing essentials

I'm traveling to Bend this month for a race with my running group so I picked up some things I needed for travel.
This travel set from Kai  is amazing:
Favorite running shorts

Dress for after race I traveled for. It's always nice to put on something comfortable after a long run and this dress is so soft! This dress, leggings and my favorite slippers are my after race uniform.

A comfy sweater

An easy purse

I found this great bag for packing muddy shoes home-here

My camelback for water, inhaler, phone and snacks.

Monday, March 7, 2016

House Tour 2016

The last house tour I did was back in 2012.  So much has changed in four years around here and we're just about to do a major kitchen remodel so I wanted to capture things before they changed again. You can check our the previous house tour here.

Living room
Tree artblanketblue blanketcouchconsole table, similar end table, armoire from World Market as well.

 Phone, Similar pillows

 Clock, Armoire old from World Market. 

Masks from Italy vacation, Mirror art, Pottery Barn jeweled lamp, old.  These wood serving boards are amazing.  I think I have 10 of them.

Similar refrigerator-we just have custom black panels in ours. 

Blender, Toaster, Coffee MakerMicrowave, Stove,

Dining Room
This table is similar to the one we got.  We love that it can seat 12 and is 120 inches long.

Aaron's room


CurtainXbox OneTV

 Lamp, Bed

Diffuser, basketball hoop. We have air filters in bedrooms 


Master bedroom
Similar clocks
Bedding: sheetsquilt
Diffuser, Pottery Barn ski pillow no longer available.

I loved transitioning all to all of these hangers this year for our clothes.  Aaron loved putting his clothes on the pretty wooden hangers.

Clothing Rack

Bathroom Upstairs
Similar Vanity, Towels

Bath MatBathtub Caddy, similar Storage tower

Bathroom Downstairs

I did a post recently on some of my beauty essentials you might see around my bathroom here in case you would like a peek.  On we go to the bathroom.
Similar lights
Similar Chair-World Market doesn't have this exact one anymore which is unfortunate because they are great. We have them in the darker wood around our dining table. 
Similar Mirror

I found these great bamboo boxes here for nail clippers and other items.  I love having an electrical outlet in the shelving.  
This toothpaste rocks! 

I've gotten multiples of these great jars of matches.  The bottom or side eventually wears off from striking the match.  This one I got here.

I love this sunny side piece my mom bought me.  It is from Vintage PearlCandle, Similar jewelry dish.

We have lots of classic and vintage photos sprinkled throughout the house.

I got this laundry soap container at Restoration Hardware years ago. I love it.  Our baskets are all from World Market. 
Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer. I love that they are both top loaders. They don't make them anymore so I will be sad when they go out and I have to get a front loader. I don't like bending down to do laundry. 
TowelsSmall storage similar-to right of washer/dryer.

-and Aaron's room when guests come and need his bigger bed.

Similar desk, mug,  computer.

Similar blanket, similar bed





Aaron pulls his lacrosse rebounder out around this time of year. 

We added this shed for our motorcycles and bikes and devoted the side yard to a basketball shooting area. 

Hammock, similar rug (we bought 5 of these and have them around the house in various spots), pillow.

Wine Cooler -which we will be installing in the kitchen as soon as we do the remodel, similar Teapot,  Potters Bench

Similar Ping Pong table, Pool TableLit wall sign

 Dart Board, Pin Ball

Bar Shelf-we had Cheers engraved on it, clockvodka

I love my treadmill-a gift from my Dad.

We added a foam mat, weight rack, and pull up bars so we can do our P90 workouts downstairs. 

Xbox OneTV, Vintage trunk