Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break Staycation

We're having a staycation for spring break this year.  We'll head up to the mountain for some snowboarding.  We're thinking of ways to make the vacation special and different from the every day even though we aren't going away.  The Free People blog came up with this challenge I wanted to take part in.  You photo a picture of your escape as the example shows below.  I had each person in the family try this and will post their pictures shortly.

I got both a 16 and 17 mile run on Saturdays in.  Only 10 more days until my 20 mile race. Thank goodness for running buddies to get these miles done with. 

We had a warm day and the kids had a water fight.

I picked up this pretty dress for Easter this week.  

Aaron's Easter basket was fun to put together this year. 
He's enjoying baking so I got him a personalized apron

He loves the cookies and cream protein powder by Herbalife so I added it too. I tried to think of healthy things to include so this with pumpkin seeds and dried fruit added some health to the candy portion of the basket. 
This thin pullover he wanted.

This super soft bunny.  He still likes a stuffy in his Easter basket.
Sees Chocolate bunnies

And some Yurbuds

Easter morning

The Fam

Our boy and his mama enjoyed mornings of sleeping in, baking breakfast treats like muffins, and snowboarding together.  We went to Skyhigh to play on the trampolines, trips to Critter Cabana to play with the animals and got some good bike rides in. Aaron got to go to a friend's birthday party and attend a Blazer Game. 

Aaron and Hayden cooking me blueberry muffin breakfast:

Critter Cabana 

G6 Airpark

And back to G6 for a birthday party

Aaron got to go to another friend's birthday party which included tickets to a Blazer game.  He had such a great time.

Nerf wars

Aaron got his first spring pass and we made it up to the mountain to snowboard several times. 

We got to meet the new Timberline puppy-Heidi

CSBA Basketball training

Lacrosse practice

We got our group of friends together this week to enjoy one another and share a meal. It has felt so warm out we decided to barbecue. 

German chocolate cake by The Hungry Hero.

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