Thursday, July 21, 2016

August Highlights

The most lovely top for my birthday gift-here.

Plus this pretty birthday charm necklace from my Aaron.

And this birthday candle from a friend
And my fav brand of shorts in a new color

The prettiest birthday bouquet from my dear friend Jerilyn.

More of new puppy.

Aaron got his lego room remodeled.

The room is small but is good for a couple friends and Aaron enjoys playing games/listening to music up here. 

Aaron enjoyed scooter camp, lacrosse lessons and his new puppy.  We almost finished our 15 skate park challenge and enjoyed all the parks we visited.  
Here's number 3-D Block


5-Tigard Skate park
6-West Linn
His scooter camp got him to numbers 8-11: Tron, Hood River, Reedville, and Pier Park.

Boys played a great basketball tournament in Portland 3 on 3.

And one in Salem

My stepdaughter Ashley and her boyfriend Jack came to visit. We had a lovely day wine tasting.

Wipe out obstacle course with this fun group.

Soapy trampoline, Skyhigh, video games and soaking in the last of summer. 

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