Friday, September 30, 2016

September Highlights

The biggest highlight for me this month was getting to come home from the hospital, where I stayed for 11 days.  It was a difficult time for me.  I had horrible stomach aches which they found was due to Crohn's disease.  I had to take a semester off school, completely revamp my diet, including cutting out all alcohol and slowing down. I'm so grateful to be home now and in my normal routine again. 
I found some pretty fall things this month including these amazing slippers.

These great boots.

Tan boots

Pretty Shirt

I needed new jeans so I found these: Jeans


and this pair.


We are thinking about a recent Maui trip so I picked up some warm weather items.

Shorts-These 4 inch Jcrew ones are just the right length.

We didn't get a chance to take Aaron back to school shopping so I finally got his things.  He looked so cute on his first day!

We got several colors of these shorts

Several of these shirts.

This shirt.

These shoes in both colors.

Picture day outfit
With these shorts and shoes

And these back to school coats

This pretty new rug for the entry way.

New sheet set for Aaron
Best candle ever!

And the dryer went out so I got this pretty new set.