Friday, November 25, 2016

November Highlights

I'm so glad to start a fresh month.  October was a beast, as most of it was spent in the hospital battling Crohn's disease.  This month is my favorite month of the year with wonderful foods and lots to be thankful for.  
I'm so enjoying yoga at Escape to Yoga.  I've missed feeling my body move. 
The space is so pretty.

I found a couple goodies too. 

These pants

Lucky shorts for Maui trip.

Dave and I both got a new pair of Birkenstocks.  These are so great for the beach.
Our whole family picked up a pair of these great shoes too. 

Dave and Aaron's Merrells

Dave's favorite shoes-which he has several of. 

New rashguard for Dave and Aaron

And for me

RVCA Sweater

We made it to the coast several times this month!

These are our favorite bags to travel with. I've tried Nike and the newer version of this bag but this one has the hard bottom and fits all our shoes/clothes and even our pillows for a weekend away.

For our smaller bag, just day trips we like this one. I love the bags that have hard bottom pieces.  A lot of bags aren't making them anymore. 

We played on the beach, took Aaron to the Seaside Skate Park, swam in the pool and enjoyed family time.  The boys even boogie boarded in the freezing ocean. 

Skate park to himself. 

During our second trip to the coast for the week of Thanksgiving we wanted to get in the water again. We came better prepared with these, instead of trying to float on our skim board.  However, I had an icky cold and it was just too stormy. 

I love these beach boots I picked up-the Tivoli.

We also had a wonderful Friendsgiving with these dear ones.

I picked up this pretty banner for next year.

Aaron started basketball this month and because he's on a classic team it's a big commitment.  He's adjusting well to the workouts and tournaments. 

My sister bought me this great new book while I was in the hospital.  It was such a special gift to get before surgery.  She knew that I would be changing my diet a lot with the Crohn's diagnosis and this book/cookbook has been a great help.

These books

I picked up this pretty dress which I'm layering up during these colder days. 

I found some great tea at this new shop: Leaves and Flowers.

This ones my favorite: Tumeric Wellness.

This one almost got away. I saw it this summer and didn't snatch it up but I was able to get it off Ebay.

The mountain got an early snow so we hurried up to use our passes.

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