Monday, December 26, 2016


Here's my favorite things from 2016!

At the top of our list is having a dog in the house again. We love our Curry.

My boy turned 11!

Snow days in Sherwood

I loved classes at Barre Prana and the amazing classes the studio offered.  When the studio closed I was grateful to find another nearby space at Escape to Yoga.

A wonderful long weekend in Bend for Aaron's lacrosse tournament.

Berry season was amazing this year.

The girls and I got to go wine tasting.

4th of July Block Party

Watching this boy play lacrosse.

Trail Factor 50 K

Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 miler in Bend with great friends.

Snowboard trips

A New Years Eve celebration on Mt. Hood. Lauren won Left, Right, Center.

Easter with the family.

Going to Newsies with the Aaron and Dave.

Favorite three books:

These books were actually written in 2016 and I really enjoyed them.

Favorite Movies I saw this year

Well not a movie but we discovered Game of Thrones and really enjoyed the series.

Favorite outfit of the year:


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