Saturday, December 24, 2016

December Highlights

These great books

We made it up to the mountain three times to snowboard. We got to take Aaron one of the times.

Aaron got 4 snow days off to sled and enjoy friends.

Sled Break

Skyhigh Trip

We went ice skating a couple of times.

We made it up to the mountain with Aaron to snowboard.

Aaron and I got a fancy lunch out at Southpark and got to see the Nutcracker.

We celebrated Aaron's 11th birthday with 40 boys and a dodgeball party. We split up the boys in teams of 10 to play two games on each side of the field.

I made this video for Aaron and his friends during the break between dodgeball games of their times together this past year.

A trip to Skyhigh to jump with a good group of boys.

Dave and Aaron went to the new Star Wars movie.

These flicks

I found this cool little travel pouch for shampoos and such. I love how it cinches up.

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